Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Everyone struggles with skin care issues from time to time and we here at would like to remind you of a few general tips for the health of your skin.

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In dry climates a decrease in humidity often leaves skin feeling dry and uncomfortable. This is especially true for any layers of the dermis that have been damaged by the sun. For this reason, keeping your skin well-hydrated is of greater importance for those who live in very dry climates than for those in humidity.

Top Ten Products at

Hydrated skin starts with a hydrated body. Drink plenty of water to provide natural moisture as well as to flush out toxins. Exfoliation is also important to rid your skin of old, dry and dead skin cells.

Of course, the primary method of battling dryness is with a good moisturizer. Many people who use face lotion may do well to switch to a face cream during dryer periods. For those with naturally oily skin types or those who live in high humidity, skin care products created specifically to be lightweight may be a wiser choice.

Sun, wind, and dry air can also be harsh on hands. Choose from our selection of lotions and creams to keep your hands feeling soft and appearing youthful. Look for a hand cream that contains glycerin, an effective moisture-retaining substance. For greater hand hydration, purchase some Shea butter, hand balm or apply a thick face cream. Simply wearing gloves to bed at night after applying a cream can help prevent dryness.

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